Vin and Hilary Kenny

Knowledge and confidence to make big decisions

Our relationship with Neil and Helen goes back 20 years.

Vin had a critical illness payment to invest and he went to Neil to find out what to do. It was refreshing to hear Neil say that any investment decision had to be taken in a wider context, much wider than we imagined.

This opened up the planning, strategic review and cashflow planning, a major exercise which was and has been extremely useful.

Over the years it has been handy to have an annual review as fortunes have gone up and down. It’s enabled us to have an objective view which we would not have had without Fortitude.

A big decision

Vin’s decision to retire early wouldn’t have happened without Neil. It’s probably one of the biggest decisions we make in life and the strategic financial planning work made this very much easier. With Neil we worked everything out and even erring on the side of caution retirement happened five years earlier than expected.

The link between life and finance

We knew early on that lifestyle and clear understanding of domestic arrangements was important to our financial situation. The financial adviser at the bank wasn’t particularly interested in this side of things and it strengthened our view of Fortitude.

The personal interest has made a big difference and it feels like we’ve been on a huge journey together. One that started with what could have been a quick decision about an investment, but one that has taken in to account so much more and enriched our lives at every step.