Unlocking the true value of advice

7th August 2012

Recent research by unbiased.co.uk and Standard Life has revealed the true value of independent advice.  According to their report, taking independent advice could leave you on average £2,780 a year better off in retirement.

Unlocking the True Value of Advice, image courtesy of Shanon Manley, Flickr

The Value of Advice research compared the differences in pension savings and contributions between consumers who have taken independent advice on their retirement provision and those who haven’t. The report showed that:

  • The average pension pot for consumers that have been advised on their retirement is double (yes, double!) that of those who have not sought advice.
  • Those who have taken advice put nearly a third more a month into their pension plan.
  • Independently advised consumers are financially better protected than consumers who do not seek independent advice.

So, with clear evidence of the benefits of receiving independent advice, there is never a better time to start planning for your future using an independent financial adviser. To speak to one of our advisers please get in touch.