Too many highlights to mention…

15th November 2017

We’re back at our desks after a fabulous 5 1/2 weeks and over 2,700 miles touring Spain and Portugal….we’re sure you won’t be interested in a blow by blow travelogue so here are some of the highlights:

The scenery in the Picos de Europa was breathtakingly beautiful and the roads virtually empty (other than some cattle being walked down to winter pasture and wild horses).

The Muga winery in Haro, Rioja was fascinating; not a stainless steel vat in sight because they continue to use entirely traditional methods (which includes the separation of 400 egg whites from their yolks to clarify each vat by hand and a cooperage where the coopers travel annually to France to select the trees that will be felled, transported to Haro for seasoning so that 1,000 barrels can be crafted by hand every year, each one taking 6 hours).

The Douro valley was magnigicent shrouded in Autumn colours. The many and various Ports that we tasted were sublime and when we unpacked we found we had purchased enough supplies to last us a while!

The Portuguese were incredibly hospitable and friendly, though their architecture of the last 50 or so years is unlikely to win any prizes and they really need to find dimmer switches for their bars and restaurants!

We did have one very sobering day when we drove for over 5 hours through the area that was devastated by wildfires just 10 days previously; thankfully few dwellings appeared to have been damaged even when gardens, hedges and trees were completely destroyed however the damage was chilling and we were too shellshocked to take photos.

We would not have had the confidence to take such a long break without our financial plan showing us that we can start living our dream (even on a part-time basis) now without compromising our future life (which we call the Life/Life Balance TM).

Now we will start to plan our next trip….Neil and Helen