Sam Colby Butcher

Financial Planner

When did your relationship with Fortitude start?

The scorching summer of 2018.

What gives you the greatest kick out of your job?

Those moments when people open up and tell me what is really important to them.

What are you passionate about promoting?

Inside out thinking; ‘it’s only a problem if you think it is.’

How long have you been in the industry – what good changes have you seen in that time?

I’ve only known a post RDR landscape so I don’t know much of the old world but I’ve heard the stories! The rise of evidence-based investing saving people small fortunes has to be the most significant change for good over the last few years. Auto-enrolment is a step in the right direction too!

Qualifications / Memberships etc / not just financial?

Diploma in Financial Planning from CII
Financial Planning and Advice qualification from CISI

Favourite places / activities / people?

India for the culture, vibe and crazy experiences (my wife was an extra in a Bollywood movie!)
Skiathos for the hours in the sea with my daughters
Scotland for old friends, wild scenery and golf

Most admire and why?

My mother as I know how hard she worked for us all for relatively little thanks.

Your bucket list?

Drive a Riva Tritone
Complete the Haute Route
Play Pebble Beach
Eat at Noma
Explore the Hebrides
See Hamilton

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