Sale of a business

Financial options

Phill was working long hours and spending a lot of time away from home, running a successful consultancy firm with a number of co-Directors.

At 44, Phill wanted to look seriously about how much longer he needed to work in this business. Phill had already planned with Fortitude to achieve financial and career freedom at 50. Phill’s company had been so successful he felt he could bring this forward.

Using Phill’s Lifetime Cashflow Model, we were able to test whether Phill would be able to exit and on what terms.

We discovered an exit from the business would not bring financial independence immediately.

Instead we explored the level of earnings I would need from an alternative, less demanding role so that I could achieve financial independence by my 50th birthday.

This exploration led me to establish a small franchise business locally. Fortitude involved a Tax Planning specialist to make sure my exit from my existing business was handled in the most tax efficient way and this Accountant also helped me set up my new business.

Fortitude really helped us gain a sense of clarity, disentangling and simplifying the myriad of different financial options and took us through them in simple stages.

Fortitude’s structured approach is a massive benefit. It helped us fully understand our financial position and gave us some comfort about what we could afford to do or not afford to do next.

Phill Stevenson