Richard Peters

Financial Planner

I joined Fortitude in 2016.

I’ve been in the industry since 2014 in three different roles and with two companies.  It’s great to see that the process of proper Lifestyle Financial Planning truly does change lives.

My passion

I love to enrich people’s lives!  I love finding out what’s important to them; what does their best life look like? I’m passionate about helping them manage their finances to achieve it.

I want to see people achieve financial independence and financial freedom.

Qualifications and membership


I am now studying towards my  Chartered Wealth Manager qualification.

I have a Business degree and a number of financial services qualifications ranging from Mortgages, Equity Release and Financial Advice.

I am also a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

When not at work

I’m an active member of my local church and am involved in making a difference in people’s lives through a number of charitable activities.

I love travelling the world

I’ve had the privilege of visiting countries such as Hawaii, Canada, North America, Hong Kong, Australia, Dubai, India and many places around Europe.  Every holiday has been very different and it’s been great to visit different cultures and try out the different foods wherever we went.

Now, with my wife Leah and my 2 young children, Faith and Elah, holidays are taken in our folding camper in various places across England.

I most admire

People who, despite life’s setbacks and challenges never give up and keep going, persevere and are ultimately successful!

Your bucket list
  1. Take my family to Disney World
  2. Revisit Australia, Canada, Hawaii and try out some new places such as Chile, China, Singapore
  3. Drive across America in either a Ford Mustang convertible or an American pick-up truck
  4. Own a sports car
  5. Be part of some life-changing charity work for example; building and financing a children’s Orphanage, school, medical clinic and really making a difference…delivering FREEDOM!
My Family

I am happily married to Leah and have 2 beautiful children; Faith and Elah.


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