Paul and Sue Whiteley

Peace of mind

Fortitude has helped us achieve our Financial Plan to the extent that we know we can retire with no financial worry and that gives us tremendous peace of mind.

We also know we can go off and do the odd daft thing if we feel the call to do so.

More than that, we feel we have created a safety net for our children. We have the flexibility, finance and time to support their great charitable work overseas.

Always focused

We are comfortable and want to stay that way and Neil helps us stay focused all the time. He will question us and plays devil’s advocate which is useful.

Partner in decision making

We see Neil as a partner in decision making across the whole of our lives and not just someone who thinks about the money. He is very good at including us both in this. It’s been most useful to include Life Planning with Financial Planning.

We realise we may live to 101 and what’s good is knowing we have enough to see us through.