Complete understanding

Preparing a Financial Plan involves a number of different steps:



We gather a complete understanding of what it is you want to achieve; your goals and your dreams; your worries and your concerns.



We map all your available financial resources to these goals looking at any blocks or barriers standing in your way. All helping to prioritise what it is you can and can’t do next.



Next we work with you to create your personalised Financial Plan, exploring the best financial strategy for you. We create your Lifetime Cashflow Model; expected money in and expected money out during the course of your lifetime. We will also determine your risk tolerance, required risk and risk capacity. This helps us recommend the best Financial and Investment Strategy for you and it lets you see the impact of the different options available to you.



Once your Financial Plan is agreed, we will agree whether you want us to implement it on your behalf, liaising with financial product providers, ensuring all policies and arrangements are set up.



The last stage of our process is Review, but it’s more like the beginning. Financial Plans take time to achieve and they need reviewing and checking along the way as your life evolves. We review your Financial Plan and your Lifetime Cashflow Model at regular agreed intervals.