Joined-up advice

Relationships with other professionals are very important to us because they help us deliver the comprehensive, joined-up advice our clients need at the various stages of their lives.

We work with Private Client Solicitors, Deputies and Trustees, serving clients who desire long-term support and advice from a Financial Planning professional.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Financial Planning lies at the heart of our advice process. We call it Lifestyle Financial Planning because it is about using money to support the life our clients want. We believe it’s only when we have helped our clients establish their needs, wants and desires that we will know how best to organise, preserve and protect the available financial resource.

Personal Injury

We have specialist skills for supporting people who have received compensation as a result of a personal injury claim. We combine sensitivity with consistent and structured processes to achieve the best Financial Planning and investment solutions for people who are suddenly faced with a stressful life change and the worry of a large lump sum of money.

Our ability to develop Lifetime Cashflow Models is key in Personal Injury cases. These help reduce the worry for both Clients and Deputies over what to do with the lump sum because they allow you to visualise how the money will be used to provide for a client’s changing needs throughout their life. The preparation of Lifetime Cashflow Models and analysis of a client’s attitude towards risk are key to us developing the most appropriate investment strategy.

Investment Planning

Any investment requires careful planning to make sure recommendations suit the precise needs of each individual client. We begin by looking at the client’s goals and objectives over each stage of their lives. We also gain an understanding of their tolerance and capacity for risk. This knowledge then underpins the creation of a Lifetime Cashflow Model for the client. Once we have this clarity we can ensure our investment advice is tailored to suit both the risk profile of the client and the client’s long, medium and short term needs.

Our robust planning and investment process means we can demonstrate complete adherence to and fulfilment of legislative requirements, particularly the Trustee Investment Act. We can either provide you with the due diligence you require or we can invest on your client’s behalf.

Retirement Planning

Again our starting point is preparing a Plan that shows how much money is needed and by when. The earlier we start the more likely we will be able to spot any potential shortfalls or restrictions. The likely income from pensions needs to be viewed within the context of other potential sources of income to achieve maximum tax efficiency. Our Lifetime Cashflow Model ensures that we take all income sources into account and lets us compare a number of ‘what if’ scenarios.  The insights revealed by this approach have allowed a number of our clients to achieve financial independence at an earlier retirement date than they ever expected before planning with Fortitude.

Advice After Bereavement

Experience has shown us that there are two immediate considerations: the first is to help our client understand their financial  position in order to give some degree of comfort that things will be under control and the second, perhaps most important, is to understand the process of grief and how it can affect decision making. Clients welcome our reassurance that certain matters can wait and not everything needs to be done ‘right now’.

When the time is right, our Planning process can help with decision making and demonstrate the outcomes of the decisions that are being made.

Social Investing

Fortitude Financial Planning is proud to have been a founder member of the Social Investment Academy; an initiative supported by Big Society Capital, HMRC, HM Treasury, The City of London and Worthstone Limited.

In September 2013 we took part in a Treasury working group discussing Social Investment Tax Relief, which was subsequently introduced with the Budget in 2014. The government’s new tax relief scheme for Social Investment encourages individuals to support social enterprises and helps social enterprises access new sources of finance.

Social Investing offers more engagement with the projects it helps and also provides tax benefits. It will be of interest to clients who have accumulated enough wealth for themselves and are ready to channel wealth to do good for others. It is quite different from Philanthropy which involves giving money away completely.


Many clients choose to devote time and money to charitable causes. Often the sums involved are such that a donation to a specific cause is appropriate. However, when the amount of money involved is more substantial, the decisions become more complex (and the administration more onerous).

Our relationship with a major global financial institution means that we can we can help clients to discover new and innovative ways of creating lasting positive change by exploring the avenues that suit their individual profile and targeting the goals that are important to them.