Neil Bailey

Neil Bailey

Financial Planner and Director

My role is to help you work out what it is that you really (really) want to do with your life, and then help you develop a sensible financial action plan to achieve it.

The greatest kick I get is when the penny drops for a client that they will be able to achieve their goals – this can be quite an emotional moment.

My passion

Everyone should take time to reflect on what they want to do with their lives and answer key questions, such as:

  • What is important to you?
  • What is your passion?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

Working out what you want to do helps us understand your “number”; how much money you will need over the course of your lifetime. Once we know your number we can put an effective plan in place to help you achieve it.

If I could make some changes to financial services in the UK I would:

Stop pensions being used as a political football. All this short-term expediency is not helping to encourage people to plan for financial independence.  The rules seem to change every 5 minutes, there are so many u-turns it makes you dizzy.   I would encourage the decision makers in government to have the moral fibre to stop faffing around and create a more certain long-term framework for savers.

Qualifications and Memberships

Chartered Financial Planner
Chartered Wealth ManagerTM
Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning
Chartered Fellow of the Institute for Securities & Investment
Institute of Advanced Motorists – Advance Motorcyclist.

When not at work

I love to be anywhere where there are great roads and great views with a decent bar and restaurant at the end of the day.

My bucket list

Includes travel, travel and more travel.

My family

I’m married to Helen. My son Callum has recently returned to UK after a period travelling and working in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

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