Linda McComie

Make your money work for you

I’ve been with Fortitude forever. The relationship began with a lump sum that needed investing and now we know we will be able to maintain the lifestyle we have now in our retirement. How great is that?
We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with Chris, we’ve weathered storms and bounced back and we get real satisfaction from seeing our money has grown.

We had an approach from another financial adviser, a national brand, and we thought we would let him have a look. He thought what we had achieved with Fortitude was outstanding and that he couldn’t match it. Not that we were really thinking of moving but it was reassuring to get a second opinion, particularly one with such great praise.

The proof is in the pudding. We get service and results and that has kept us with Chris and Fortitude. I’m not that great at paperwork but the Client Support Team gives me a gentle prodding. It works.