It’s amazing what you can achieve with a vision…

6th January 2017

Bill Gates founded Microsoft.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook.

What do they have in common? They have vision.

My wife and I were invited to the Greens Norton Community Choir for their Christmas performance.

This choir was founded by someone with a vision.  The vision brings together self-declared non-singers but who have a passion to sing. He was reaching out to those who would sing gloriously off key; have vocal difficulties and difficulties in sustaining notes.  But he knew that if people come together, have professional tuition, socialise and encourage one another this would build their confidence.  They would be able to sing gloriously and fulfil his vision!

It was a cold, dark and misty Friday evening.  We arrived; the atmosphere was warm, welcoming and electric.  There was lots of hustle and bustle.

The choir started to sing and wow…!  I started welling up and was absolutely amazed as each member put their heart and soul into singing amazing Christmas carols with such gusto and pride.

This whole experience left me with a thought…

Some people have a vision but feel they could never achieve it.  Some feel they do not have the financial resources or if they do, they do not know it.

What if they could live out their vision?

When we engage with a client and discuss their vision and then plan together, it is amazing how many can achieve their dreams.

Things may not be as you perceive; seeing clients live out their vision is amazing!

Contact us to discuss how we could help you achieve yours.