Helen Bailey

Helen Bailey

Client Support

My greatest kick is seeing the journey our clients go on, developing long-term relationships with them and knowing that we have helped them achieve their dreams. Generally ensuring a job well done, accurately, on time and to plan.

I’m passionate about helping to provide ethical, client focused Financial Planning. Knowing you have a plan liberates your spending power and provides a sense of freedom. I’d like everyone to feel like that.

Business Support

I started The Sensible Financial Planning Co with Neil in May 1997 and just the two of us worked together to build that business until we merged with Fortitude in 2008. We were one of the first firms to start charging fees for advice – it’s been satisfying to see that practice spread.

Now my role includes Compliance Support for Mark White; administrative support for Directors; attendance at Board meetings; administrative support for our Investment Committee; Marketing Support and anything else that doesn’t quite fit the box!

My favourite places

Are empty and quiet places. Hearing the deafening silence at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is one of my most memorable moments. Having said that I also like to be spoilt by great service and food at good restaurants, staying in boutique hotels, getting the best seats at a theatre and attending live concerts where I can jump around!

I’m an air person – anything in the sky is good. I have been gliding, air ballooning, paragliding, in a three seater plane and a helicopter.

I admire

Anyone that has musical talent because I have none! Live performances are mesmerising.

My bucket list is quite long

But amongst things still to do are:

  • Visit (and tour) New Zealand and Norway.
  • See a Kingfisher in the wild
  • Visit St Petersburg and see the Mariinsky ballet
  • Stay in the hotel with a room overlooking Sydney Opera House (that will have to wait for a lottery win though!)
  • Fly in a jet (again a lottery win would be required)
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