Guy and Lin Hawking

Relaxed and in control

It was a wonderful feeling to see it all mapped out into the future and to find that we were covered. We feel very relaxed and in control.

We have always been motivated to do the right things and felt our financial building blocks were in place. But, we spent four years in the US and when we came back and started looking at savings in the UK again, there was such an overwhelming choice.

The bank was great but we wanted someone who would talk to us about us, someone working on our side

And then we discovered Neil and Helen. We hadn’t really done anything wrong but, as they showed us a picture of our asset base in 2, 5, 10, 20 years time, we saw that there was so much more that we could do.

Financial planning should be part of schooling

It started with Neil asking “what’s the master plan?”

We wondered why should people like us have one and now we know. It should be part of schooling, part of education for young people and widely talked about. It is so reassuring to know that everything is in place and if dips and bumps come along, we know everything is going to be OK.