Getting the grades

24th June 2019

We recently shared that evolution and expansion had been the themes of 2019 so far. They continue to dominate, both for the company and for the individual talent we have on board.

We’re delighted to announce some excellent professional exam results within the organisation, starting with Sam Colby Butcher who’s working towards becoming a Chartered Financial Planner and has now bagged his AF4 Investment Planning qualification from The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). It’s one of several advanced diploma level examinations needed to achieve Chartered status. Paul Roberts has also been hard at work gaining his (J05) Pension income options qualification.

This kind of continuous improvement is really, really important. You’ll no doubt have heard about the recent controversies surrounding the suspension of the Woodford Equity Income Fund. Sadly, it’s not the first time the industry has seen this kind of shock and it won’t be the last. What matters is making sure that as your financial planners, your guides in this industry, we continually work to keep our finger on the pulse. Just so you know, Woodford has never featured in our strategy and in 17 years of operation so far, we’ve never had a cause for concern. It’s our goal to make sure you meet yours and to do that, we’ll always go the extra mile – in due diligence, in research and in our application of the highest standards.