Fortitude welcomes new team member; Richard

14th June 2016

We are delighted to be able to announce the arrival of a new member of the Fortitude Financial Planning team; Richard Peters.

160610 RSP for Blog editLike many people in our profession Richard had a life before financial services and for several years ran his own business offering specialist services to the Logistics industry.  Not surprising, as the owner of a successful business, Richard found that he needed some advice about pensions and other financial matters and so met with a financial adviser.  The outcome of that meeting was not quite what he expected. Rather than simply deciding on how much to pay into his pension, Richard had an epiphany; financial advice, done well, is life enhancing.

At that moment Richard decided to become a financial adviser.

Richard is the sort of chap who, once he has decided on a particular course of action, cracks on with it.  Over the next 12 months he took the various examinations required to achieve the Diploma in Financial Advice.  Having achieved that qualification he found a job with a Northampton firm as a financial adviser.

This was a start; however it wasn’t exactly what he imagined he would be doing. His clients were very happy with the financial advice he was providing, however Richard’s goal is to work with clients to deliver comprehensive Lifestyle Financial Planning rather than focus on one or two elements.

With a background in research it did not take too long for Richard to discover that there are many people who share his goal; a community that continues to develop the profession of Financial Planning.  One of the leaders of that community suggested that Richard should contact Fortitude and “the rest is history”.

Richard will be joining Neil and Chris in many of their meetings so you will have the opportunity to meet him over the coming months.  His first big challenge will be to complete the examinations and assessments required to achieve Certified Financial PlannerTM professional status.

Richard lives in Northampton with his wife Leah and his 2 daughters; Faith who is 4 and Elah who is 1.

Richard likes visiting new places with his family, especially in his folding camper! Spending quality time with friends and family is really important to him.

He is an active member of his local church, has run many courses and is planning to run a course on managing money.

When pressed he will admit to a secret passion; he enjoys fast cars and one day would like to own a Porsche 911!