Follow your dream

Sufficient financial security

Gerard was working full time in London in a high-pressured role for a major Advertising Agency. A takeover deal with a multi-national agency was on the table, providing him with an opportunity to take voluntary redundancy. At 47 years of age, he wanted to know if he could finally achieve his dream of becoming a full-time artist.

I had a strong artistic ambition but with little or no idea of what income it might generate (if any at all). I had no idea whether I could afford such a journey, but Fortitude clearly and brilliantly mapped out a financial path, which we continue to follow, without too many alarming – and normally self-induced – detours.

Gerard Stamp

Our Financial Planning Process began with an evaluation of Gerard’s current situation, including the offer on the table. We quantified what would be paid when and identified opportunities for mitigating income and capital gains tax.

We created a Lifetime Cashflow Model which helped Gerard and Jacqui visualise future income, expenditure and the impact of decisions.

I was delighted to learn that I could afford to stop working and fulfil my dream and now my artistic career has exceeded all my expectations.

Gerard Stamp

We agreed the Plan and implemented the recommendations. This involved transferring shareholdings to Jacqui, repaying debt and using tax efficient structures to fund the children’s education.

Gerard and Jacqui now have an Investment Strategy aligned with their attitude to risk and diversified across a number of asset classes to reduce exposure to risk.

A service extended to the entire family

We recommended a solicitor who established their wills and we worked with Jacqui’s parents to implement a tax efficient strategy to transfer wealth through the generations.

Neil also provided coaching for Gerard and Jacqui’s daughter to help manage a budget while at university.

We have also recommended an accountant to handle all the tax reporting.

Devoting time to the dream

With financial security in place, Gerard can devote time and energy to painting. A new studio was built to replace an old boat house which won the Royal Institute of British Architects Heritage Award in 2004 for a new building in an historic context.

A beautiful and tranquil place to continue living the dream.

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