Finally, my clients could see…!

23rd January 2017

Last week my clients had a ‘lightbulb’ moment!

Alan and his wife Emma are good friends of mine, both are in their 40s. They have worked diligently to provide for their family but never had any clarity about what is happening to their finances going forwards.  There are times when they fear making financial decisions.

I introduced Alan and Emma to Lifestyle Financial Planning…

It was a cold, damp and dreary day…but I was upbeat.  Today Alan and Emma would achieve clarity about their financial future!

They arrived and were welcomed with a warm smile and the smell of freshly made coffee.  We had some great conversations about what is important to them to ensure we understood Alan and Emma’s objectives; to fund their children’s education as well as a special holiday, pay off their mortgage and other debts and, one day, retire to embark upon some travelling whilst they are fit and able to do so.

Emma wants to retire at age 55 but Alan feels he needs to keep working to age 65 or even longer.  I thought to myself…

  • What if Alan could stop work earlier than expected?
  • What if they could travel more?
  • How would this make them feel?

Together, we started thinking of all the possibilities…together we started to plan.  Alan and Emma were engaged and excited (as was I).

As a result of financial planning and through great conversations, we helped Alan and Emma make financial changes and the knock-on effects were huge; they could achieve all their objectives, including Alan retiring a few years earlier than expected.  They now had a plan and were no longer fearful of making financial decisions!

Alan and Emma had their ‘lightbulb’ moment!  Now they can see where they are heading financially and they feel empowered to take ownership of their plan.  They have clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

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