Enjoy retirement

Achieving financial independence

Vic was an Owner Director of a business totally reliant on him and wanted to understand how much income needed to be generated for retirement. Vic also had several pensions and investments accumulated over the years but no co-ordinated investment or income strategy.

Planning with fortitude since 2000

We started by evaluating the complete picture and then prepared a Plan and Lifetime Cashflow Model. This included consolidating Vic’s existing pension and non-pension investments to create a new Investment Strategy, appropriate for Vic and Judy’s attitude to risk and the  lifestyle they wanted to achieve in retirement.

Fortitude helped us define our objectives by laying out clear, alternative scenarios for us to consider. I had planned to retire at 60 and now knew I had the financial security to do so. However, when the time came, I found I was addicted to work, so I carried on.

Regularly we review our Lifetime Cashflow Model, which from the time we started using it, has clearly indicated the action needed to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Vic Edy
The financial plan realised in 2008

In accordance with their Financial Plan, Vic and Judy realised financial independence in 2008. Vic took his time to wind the business down and then they moved to Yorkshire to enjoy their hobbies and the retirement lifestyle they had planned for.

It doesn’t end there, we continue to meet with Vic and Judy once a year to review their Plan to make sure they remain financially free and to take into consideration any changes to their circumstances.

Our relationship with Fortitude is strengthened through the personal interaction we have with a single planner. It is so reassuring to have someone who knows what they are doing, guiding us.

Each time we leave a planning meeting, we know where we are, how we got there and how things will be in the future. To the extent you can know about the future.

Vic and Judy Edy