Does your Planner deserve you as a client?

7th June 2017

The term Financial Planner is widely used, how do you identify the firm that is deserving of you as a client?

These are the questions we believe clients should ask themselves:

1. Do they understand what YOU are trying to achieve? Understand what YOU are living for? Or do they focus on your money?  Only when they know about you and where you are trying to get to do they earn the right to talk about your money.  Your money is to support you and your lifestyle, not the other way around.

2. Do they show you where you are heading financially? Will you get reassurance, clarity, confidence and peace of mind that you are on track to achieve your lifestyle objectives?

3. Do they provide clarity and demonstrate if you have too much money, not enough money or just the right amount of money? You need to know what your financial bucket looks like today and over the course of your life.

4. Do they have to sell you a product to get paid? Or do they have a transparent fee structure in place? Fees should be based on understanding you and where you’re going in life and then helping you with a financial plan to help you meet your life’s goals.

5. Where are they placing the value? Is it on helping you achieve your lifestyle objectives or is it focused on making returns on your investments (which is out of their control)? The value must be placed on helping you achieve your lifestyle objectives.

6. Do they invest your money in a high risk investment profile just because your risk profile says so? Or will they invest in the most appropriate investment profile according to what you need to achieve your lifestyle objectives? Investing should be simple, painless, low cost and low risk as possible.

7. Do they focus on helping you become financially independent or dependent on ‘making more money’. Your money is to support your lifestyle objectives.

8. Do they have a fiduciary relationship with you or serve the financial services industry? You and your needs must be paramount.

9. Do they speak in a language that you understand or do they boggle you with industry jargon? It’s always best to deal with someone who you understand.

10. Do they seek to build a relationship with you or is it a transactional approach. Your life is important and it is always best to build a relationship with someone you trust.  Financial Planning seeks an ongoing relationship over many years.

We are confident that our clients can respond “YES” to all the above, contact us to see if we can offer you a similar experience.