Davina Bowmer

Davina Bowmer

Client Support

It’s my responsibility to ensure we receive the fees due to us from the financial product providers and allocate these amounts to each individual client account.


I’m pretty much left to my own devices and can manage my own time. I feel incredibly lucky that I can come and go as I please. I’m paid for the hours I work and as it is not generally time critical, I have complete flexibility.

I started working in financial services in 1990 and was asked to help out for a while at Fortitude in 2006. Guess what I’m still here.


I feel proud to tell people about what we do as a firm and that we spend time ensuring that we give our clients the best experience that they can have when discussing money, often a very emotive area to talk about.

I hope we also provide our staff with a voice and a firm that they are also proud of and happy to work for.

Favourite place

Northumberland, its relatively unspoilt beaches and countryside. You always receive a good welcome.

Favourite activity

Scouting. I’ve been a warranted leader for eightyears. I love giving children experiences that their parents perhaps don’t have time for.

I’m also the Group Scout Leader which I took on to ensure that the Group would function the best it could by developing current Leaders. I’m also a member of the Appointments Committee for our District, I love meeting all the different characters that fall into Scouting.

I most admire

My parents without whose sacrifices and support I wouldn’t have the life that I’m currently able to lead.

I don’t have a bucket list

Why not do it today? Tomorrow may never come.

My family

I’m married to Chris, a really supportive, understanding and patient husband (I chose well!!) and we have two fantastic boys.

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