Chris Bowmer

Chris Bowmer

Financial Planner and Director

I started Fortitude with Mark in 2002 when we decided what the world needed was a financial advisory firm dedicated to serving its clients’ best interests.

I love the knowledge of a job well done. The conversations with clients where we explore what they need and them putting their trust in me and us to help them achieve their goals.


I want everyone to experience proper financial planning and I have worked for years within the Institute of Financial Planning to help get the message across and I do feel we are winning.

My career of giving financial advice began in 1984 although it was seen as product selling then. I was just out of University and arranging mortgages for clients of the Leeds Permanent.

Since then we have seen many scandals all of which I have avoided by being scrupulously ethical. This allows me to sleep at night knowing that I have done my best. We have also seen regulation, regulation, regulation to tackle misguided behaviour. It’s better now but we need more ethics and less regulation.

Qualifications and memberships

Chartered Financial Planner
Chartered Wealth ManagerTM
Associate of STEP

I’m training to be a Cricket Groundsman, Cricket Coach and Cricket Umpire (you will see a bit of a theme emerging).

Favourite people

My wife Davina and our two boys, Dan and Luke are very special to me. The boys are old enough now for me to see some of the adult they will become and there is hope. I do admire the way Davina holds us all together.

Favourite places

I love the UK (and Scotland) and the scenery (and people) of Northumberland.

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