Fortitude Financial Planning

With Fortitude

Paul and Sue Whiteley

Fortitude has helped us achieve our financial plan to the extent that we know we can retire with no financial worry and that gives us tremendous peace of mind.

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Linda McComie

The relationship began with a lump sum that needed investing and now we know we will be able to maintain the lifestyle we have now in our retirement. How great is that?

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Vin and Hilary Kenny

Our relationship with Neil and Helen goes back 20 years.

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Martin Brown

Fortitude has helped me move out of corporate life into my own business, a gentle wind down to retirement.

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Andrew Humphries

Fortitude’s planning is very impressive as is the way they manage your money. For me it’s a hassle free experience that takes the weight off one’s shoulders.

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Guy and Lin Hawking

It was a wonderful feeling to see it all mapped out into the future and to find that we were covered.

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