Advice after bereavement

Widowed at 42

Sarah needed to understand, and then sort out, her wider financial position. With three young children, Sarah needed to know an appropriate level of income to take and how the children would be looked after if anything happened to her.

We took time to understand Sarah’s current situation and what she was trying to achieve. We talked through the children’s needs, the Trust set up prior to Sarah’s husband’s death and how she could protect her estate whilst providing for the children now.

I really liked the Fortitude approach. I was worried I would be forced to make decisions, without the time to consider the implications. My experience was completely different. Chris encouraged me to take my time and look at all of the available options, without feeling rushed to take action.

Fortitude looked into everything. The Lifetime Cashflow Model helped me explore different scenarios and make better informed, educated decisions.


The final Investment Strategy we agreed was to invest in a low cost portfolio and use a regular income to fund lifestyle. We recommended a solicitor to sort out Sarah’s husband’s trust, establish trusts for the children and to amend Sarah’s will.

Secure and confident

In just a few short months, we agreed Sarah’s Plan and helped her implement the recommendations.

I was daunted by the prospect of meeting a Financial Planner. Fortitude made the process easy and created the time I needed to make important decisions.

I now feel secure and confident. Knowing my Plan will be reviewed regularly gives me comfort.